A little bit about me

Hey! I am Gary, a 45 year old personal development and team coach.
I’m the founder of Q6 Coaching and for many years I’ve been in search of what really makes people do what they do and why they do it. What are the key differences between people who are ‘Successful’ and those that ‘fail’.

I have made it my lifelong goal to help as many people as possible to be the best they can. I consider myself a lifelong learner and I’m constantly looking for better and faster ways to help people become ‘successful’.
I’m not foolish enough to say that I have all the answers, I don’t, but a coach is someone that can bring the best out in people and point them in the right direction.
The methods and strategies I use are proven to be effective time and time again the world over. No one method works all the time as people are incredibly varied their needs.

I also believe in living life to the full and being the best I can be.